Civic Ideas Factory

As part of the project, we have established a funding program that provides professional and material support for the ideas of young people with international migration experience (across origins, with a focus on Iran and Afghanistan) for civic engagement and volunteering.

We invite you to help shape society with your ideas!  

Often young people have ideas how they can help shape society through civic engagement, but they lack the knowledge and resources to put their ideas into practice.
With the funding academy, low-threshold access to engagement is to be opened with the aim of strengthening the feeling of self-efficacy. The overriding goal is to promote democratic coexistence and participation. Participants should be encouraged to find their way around existing engagement structures.
Participants who have an idea of ​​an engagement but do not know how to implement the idea are supported by imparting knowledge, empowerment and advice to realize their ideas independently.


Do you have an idea how you can help shape society through civic engagement, but don't know how to put it into practice? Then you've come to the right place.  You can apply with your first ideas for projects in the field of civic engagement!  
Within the framework of the Civic Ideas Factory, you will receive selected training on proposal writing, project management, public relations and moderation/rhetoric. With these training programs we want to provide space for information exchange, orientation and competences for project applications. The aim of the training is to enable you to implement your diverse ideas independently and to be able to pursue civic project ideas in the future.
At the end of the training you will have the opportunity to submit a small project proposal of your idea.
A jury will select a number of developed project submissions worthy to receive a funding of €500 to implement the project.
After the end of your project, there will be a review in which we will examine together whether the previously defined goals have been achieved and what difficulties have arisen.

Training program

Introductory workshop
3-4 hours on 1 day
Ideas presentation
Orientation on whether the idea can be implemented, or would need to be further defined and developed
Possibility to talk about hurdles, fears - but also motivation
From the idea to the project (concept to implementation)
2 days, 4 hours each, spread over 2 weeks
Project management
PR – Public Relations

Participation requirement

Within the framework of our funding academy, we would like to support micro-project ideas from individuals and representatives of associations (student associations, etc.). In particular, we would like to support people from the Iranian and Afghan community -  but also across other origins.
You apply with ideas that address a social problem and include some basic ideas on how to address the problem. The project does not have to be fully  worked out, but it should benefit the community and be on a non-profit basis. For further clarification , your project might fit the following themes as examples:
Intercultural encounters  
Formal criteria
Requirements for your application
To apply you should not be older than 30
Especially promoting people from the Iranian and Afghan community but also covering other origins.  
Civil society idea(s)  
Feasibility of the project (after receiving the funding within 4 months).


Application period ⇢ Coming soon! 
Here we inform you about the next application period.