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For a number of reasons, many young people with a migration history and particularly recent immigrants tend to rate their political capacity for action and assertiveness as low. This also applies to civic engagement. For many people with a migration history, civic engagement is a challenge.

Who are we?

With our cooperation project "Shaping Society in a more assertive fashion - Strengthening Political, Social Participation and Civic Engagement for better Integration of Refugees and Migrants of Iranian and Afghan Origin (STAEpolSEL)" of the Federal Network for Civic Engagement (BBE) and the Iranian Community in Germany e.V. (IGD), we are pursuing the goal of enabling access to engagement for the target group through various measures.
We want to
Develop and strengthen young people's grounding in self belief and assertiveness
Support migrant organisations in becoming more visible and recognised as civil society actors on the topic of civic engagement
Promote networking and knowledge transfer between migrant organisations and civil society organisations of the majority society on an equal footing.
The project is funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) within the framework of the "Community-oriented projects" (GWO projects) in the thematic area 1, participation, since January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2022.

What is the goal of the project?

Our goal in this project is to stimulate cultural and information exchange across borders through various formats on the meaning and different aspects of civic engagement and political participation. We want to open up access to current debates and political shaping processes and sensitise people with international migration histories to volunteerism and civic engagement and strengthen their sense of self belief and be able to make a difference.
In addition, we will create cooperation, access, and meeting spaces on the topics of engagement and volunteering and strengthen the culture of debate and discussion in the target group.
Our goals are thus set at both the individual and the organisational level. The aim is to contribute to strengthening democracy, participation and the culture of recognition of the equal status of immigrants in a diverse society.

How do we achieve the goals?

Visiting and discussion programs
Embedding into existing formats, including those of the BBE
Discussion forums with experts
Informational and topical events

Who do we want to reach?  

We want to reach young people and young adults with a history of migration and migration experience and win them over to equal democratic participation in social and political life.
In addition, this project is aimed at engaged and voluntary workers in associations and separate initiatives, as well as Iranian student associations at German universities. Basically, however, our project is independent of age and aims to strengthen democracy, participation and promote a culture of recognition of immigrant rights.
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